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An Insight Within Genealogy; Vulnerability

Today, I would like to highlight one very specific area of vulnerability that can occur when researching.  That area is when you put yourself out there and reach out to a family member.

Recently, I found myself feeling extremely vulnerable when I reached out to some cousins on my Father’s side.  I have never met them and I am pretty sure they do not even know I exist.  Well at least until, I reached out to them on Social Media.  I did my best to introduce myself properly.  I know in today’s day and age, people are and should be careful on what they send through the internet especially on Social media sites.  So I proceeded to be as direct and non-threatening as possible and introduced myself to a couple of cousins.  Then the wait began.

You know that wait, the feeling that comes over you as you sit there hoping and waiting that they respond.  It is the same feeling, I get when I put my surnames out there on a new genealogy site group or that feeling from putting yourself out there for the world and hoping they accept you.

It has been weeks, since I went out on a limb and put myself out there.  I want to make a family connection on this side so badly.  I have been hoping and praying for a response.  I realize this may sound excessive but part of me knows they are my blood.  And as the old saying goes, “blood calls to blood”.  These cousins are the only branch, I have been able to track down that are not dead.  Sadly, every one of my direct Ancestors on this side are gone.  So as these weeks, turn into months part of me even though it is tiny is still quietly hoping they reach out in return.

As I wait, I am also wondering.  Wondering, if I am being a little kooky for wanting to make this family connection?  Wondering, if anyone else feels this way when they go out on a limb in their research?

So here I go, putting myself out there again.  Have any of you ever felt something similar when doing your research?

© Melissa Woodard, 2017


Welcome to Gram’s Basement.

tree-576847_1280Gram’s Basement Genealogy got started in 2010 when my curiosity got the best of me.  I was in my Grandmother’s basement helping her go through some paperwork when I came across a bright yellow folder.  I asked what was inside, and that is where my real journey into genealogy began.

Stay tuned as I start this blogging journey.


© Melissa Woodard, 2017